I picked up a Nook this Tuesday as a birthday gift to myself with some help from gift cards from some friends and my wife. I’ve always been an avid reader, but don’t consume books quite as quickly as a once did when I was a kid. I don’t know if it’s a shortening of attention span (I used to be able to read for hours on end) or if it’s the responsibilities of adult life catching up to me (which prevents me from having hours on end to read) or if it’s something else entirely outside my mental grasp. However, with the recent addition of the Nook to my pile of techno-gadgets, I’ve found myself reading more.

Maybe it’s the newness of the device and I’m still deeply in love with it. Maybe it’s the convenience of being able to carry thousands of books with me everywhere I go. Maybe I’ve just found the perfect accessory to my reading style.

I’ve heard that people read slower on eReaders than they do on paper books, but I’ve found that I’m blazing through page after page of the book that I’m working on. Of course, it could be that the book is by one of my all-time favorite authors, Lawrence Watt-Evans. The book that I’m rapidly churning through is a horror novel entitled The Nightmare People. I didn’t realize it was horror when I started it because I’m used to Watt-Evans’s sci-fi and fantasy works. Even though it’s in a genre that I normally don’t read much of, I’m really enjoying it.

For folks out there that may stumble across this, I high recommend the Nook from Barnes and Noble, and my first purchase, The Nightmare People, is especially good. The book was written in the ’80s, so please forgive Lawrence’s use of a “high tech 386” reference. That one reference really brought home the date of the book and brought back some fantastic memories of my computer usage several decades ago.